Sarah Ahmed

I took a hypno slimmer treatment including hypno gastric band in july 2016. I must say I was amazed at the results. I was a size 12 and within 5 weeks I went down to a size 8.It changed my life from the start to end. I felt more confident in how I looked an how I felt. I highly recommend the hypno slimmer to everyone who would like to look an feel better with the shape an size they want. This was one of the biggest achievements which I could not achieve in the past by various types of dieting.

Mr. Tahir

For the last 6 months I have been suffering from anxiety and stress caused probably by recent personal events in my life the symptom can only be described has racing heartbeat, fear of dyeing and panic attacks. I almost gave up until a friend mention hypnotherapy. At first I was very worried what this may involve the therapist dwelling in my personal life, will I be unconscious and will I have to disclose personal events which I was concerned not to share with anybody.

After weeks of thinking about it I decided to find the courage to try it out I have had 4 sessions and I feel completely in control of my life the therapist made me feel very relaxed and comfortable and at all times I was conscious of my surroundings. I feel so much happy and have a positive outlook on life this is all the thanks to my Hypno therapist Maria Khan from the first session she made me feel comfortable. I would say if anybody is experiencing anxiety, panic attacks or even depression give hypnotherapy a change and call Maria khan.

Mandy Steadman

I received hypnotherapy from Maria for the management of chronic nerve pain and the results, for me, have been life changing. Previous to the hypnotherapy, I had been taking a maximum dose of a very strong pain killer on a daily basis which themselves had side effects and unwanted symptoms. I now feel in control of my life again. I can manage the sensations without pain relief and as a result I now sleep more peacefully, my mood has lifted, I am less irritable and I have started taking an interest in the activities I use to enjoy. Maria has a presence that makes you feel completely at ease and is always on hand should you have any concerns


Have never tried hypnotherapy before,however Maria Khan make you feel very comfortable and calm. After having these sessions I now feel more positive and have a better outlook on life. Thank you.

Mandy Steadman

Following Posterior Tibial Tendon Transfer surgery to correct foot drop, I spoke with Maria to ascertain whether hypnosis could assist in the rehabilitation of my left foot function. Maria conducted research which enabled her to understand the route of the problem so that she could deliver a hypnosis session to provide the desired outcome. The rehabilitation of my foot required me to change the thought process of lifting my foot meaning I had to think of pulling it inwards for the foot to lift. This along with having to strengthen the tendon in its new position was proving challenging until I had hypnotherapy with Maria to make the thought process part of my subconscious thinking. The results were instant evidenced by the way my foot moved upwards without thought as I walked out of the session. Maria has an engaging, likable and calming nature. I cannot thank her enough for making my recovery an easier journey.


I found the hypnosis treatment with Maria fantastic. Before I went I told Maria I was very stressed and felt anxious and negative about a lot of things in life. After a few sessions I would start feeling more positive, have more energy and have a better outlook and better overall thoughts about life. I had my first session whilst Maria played relaxing music and spoke to me with a relaxing tone to her voice. This instantly encouraged me to feel very relaxed, and even days after I felt I could handle stress and the feeling of being anxious a lot better. I would highly recommend Maria, the therapy is excellent. Especially helps for more energy, lack of stress and feeling much less anxious and negative.

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