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Hi I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist Dip.hyp.I.S.C.H, Consultant of HypnoSlimmer and EFT practitioner. I strongly believed in the Power of Mind which is World most powerful machine.

My Aim is to help you to use that power of your Mind to improve your quality of life as we can’t change past but we can improve our future by change our conceptions.

You can start making changes by calling on 07815054306. My therapies are available in 3 languages English, Urdu and Punjabi

What is Hypnosis??

Hypnosis is a natural state of the mind that is between the aware state and sleep.Hypnosis allows to access into subconscious mind, which makes 90% of our mind and stores all the memory since we born.

Hypnosis works??

When a person is in hypnotic state, hypnotherapist could directly communicate to the subconscious mind, reprogram, correct thought patterns and habits to make valuable changes in the life of the person.

Misconceptions/ fact

Often people think that under hypnosis, hypnotist can reveal their secrets or could make them to do silly things but the fact is "This is Not Possible" if the person is not willing to do it himself/herself. If the misconception is true, than we hypnotist doesn’t require to work with clients we can rule the country or even the world. What you see on stage, film or TV that’s not reality. Reality is our subconscious mind always protect us because hypnotic state is not sleeping state, so the client is in full control of their thoughts, emotions and acts.

Maria Khan Dip.hyp. I.S.C.H

Clinical Hypnotherapist

EFT Practitioner

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